The following questions are the most commonly asked ones while out and about; or in the chatrooms.

I. Ask the Author

How did you do the footnotes?

Easy. Check W3C’s “Links in HTML Documents” under Section 12.2.3 for more information. For other elements such as subscript, superscript and small, check Section 5 under W3C’s “HTML: The Markup Language“.

What citation format do you follow?

Generally, I try to follow the Chicago Manual since it’s the format I know best in my discipline. From time to time, an automated script is used to hasten the process. I am not a strict observant since the blog is for self-education and is something I enjoy doing during my spare time; so one might expect a change in formatting from time to time at my disposal.

How does one subscribe to a certain category or tag as RSS feed?

Some topics and categories will be of no interest to a reader. They may view postings by category by selecting any category name. One can subscribe to any category by adding feed/ to the end of the URL.

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