The following questions are the most commonly asked ones while out and about; or in the chatrooms.

I. Ask the Author

Awesome hair! How did you do it?

It’s where my awesome powers come from. With the beard, it’s unstoppable!

Flippancy aside, I have always wanted locks for a long time. However, I didn’t bother forming them until 2013 since there were lots of negative associations with it: marijuana, hippie culture, uncleanliness, left-leaning politics. It only after seeing a few of hard-right and right-libertarian friends of mine with “dreadlocks” secure high-ranking office-positions and in politics it became convincing that locks did not carry the same stigmas as before.

The other factor in why it took so long to jump in feet-first is that about 95% of my friends’ attempts appear to be filthy. It is only after meeting a few people (the other 5%) with clean-looking locks, it became revealed the clean ones were done naturally and takes up to a year or several years to be formed. The reason why so many locks look moldy or gross is because a lot of people put wax in their hair due to the myth that Caucasian hair cannot form locks. Once wax or any other similar substance gets in your hair, it is next to impossible to get it out and there is always some left behind even after years of washing and showering. So, please, don’t put stuff in your hair: it is absolutely disgusting.

The process is simple: don’t use a brush or comb. Shower every day. Use shampoo with minimal ingredients. Use the sun to dry your hair if you can. Use the towel as much as possible to dry and encourage the hair to tangle.e  Don’t go to bed with wet hair. Separate the locks before they mature to avoid having ones which are too thick.

There is no need to invest into specialized products as off-the-shelf Head and Shoulder is the only thing I have used.

Now that being said, if it takes more than a day to dry your hair, then the locks are too thick and will become a breeding ground for fungus and other nasty things. As a general rule, my locks are never thicker than my thumb at the base.  Most of the strands are the width of a pinkie.

Patience is a virtue with natural locks. Results started appearing within a few weeks on the side where I slept the most, but whole head took about a year for all the strands to start forming; and longer than that for the process to be complete either from the base to the tip or from the tip to the base. I have known individuals who waited five years for their natural locks to start forming. Some people are lucky to have really tight curls and fully-formed locks within several months and others preserved for a decade. All hair will lock; time is the only variable.

If all the sudden you decided that locks are not for you, then coconut oil is the best way to get the tangles out if the locks have not progressed too far.

In the long run though, you probably would want to invest in neck-gaiters or Buff headwears and loose hair-bands to keep them out of your vision and for better thermoregulation. Elastic ones or tight hair-bands will saw through the locks and cause long-term damage. And one thing? Woolie hats.

Can you review a gear for us?

It is very seldom gear-reviews are done as the only reliable ones are tested to failure. For this reason, dog products are more likely to get reviewed sooner as our canine companions are much harder on their gears. Now, if you think there there is room for improvement and wish for feedback, then feel free to comment on a blog post or e-mail me.

Keep in mind, everything comes with public disclosure.

How did you do the footnotes?

Easy. Check W3C’s “Links in HTML Documents” under Section 12.2.3 for more information. For other elements such as subscript, superscript and small, check Section 5 under W3C’s “HTML: The Markup Language“.

What citation format do you follow?

Generally, I try to follow the Chicago Manual since it’s the format I know best in my discipline. From time to time, an automated script is used to hasten the process. I am not a strict observant since the blog is for self-education and is something I enjoy doing during my spare time; so one might expect a change in formatting from time to time at my disposal.

How does one subscribe to a certain category or tag as RSS feed?

Some topics and categories will be of no interest to a reader. They may view postings by category by selecting any category name. One can subscribe to any category by adding feed/ to the end of the URL.

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