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One Allele to rule them all,
One Allele to find them,
One Allele to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them.

− Adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Fellowship of the Ring”, Chapter Two

For two years, “Prick-Eared” was a platform for research in Swedish Vallhunds. However, over time, the dog-circles became more or less the same flavour as the troubles concerning exotic hobbyists; albeit with different incentives: the former being authoritarian and the latter being monetary.  As the result, this blog would be discontinuing discussions on the welfare of dogs. Rather, it is much better to hand the rein over to someone who has devoted her life to the welfare of the dog-breeding.

Historically, breeders would keep their safely-guarded secrets to themselves and seldom anyone heard anything negative about any breeds. As the result, numerous train-wrecks can be seen across the spectrum in the dog-fancy and trial worlds. In the new Millennium, came forth a new generation of breeders who were dealt a rather odd stack of cards.

Among the new generation, a Swedish- and Finnish-speaking Västgötaspets breeder with two decades of dedication has decided to start a new blog in two languages:  “Vain yhden alleelin tähden” and “Only for One Allele“. In her hands, she has the complete database of Västgötaspets within every dog can be traced back to their foundation. Also, over the years, many articles on the breed were gathered from the old-school; and she  has had wrote many articles to the Finnish local breed club, Länsigöötanmaanpystykorvat ry, which the club publishes a magazine quarterly. In January 2013, she has decided to make the information publicly-accessible.

Halla Seppälä of Konnunkodon Kennel has been witnessing changes in her breed ever since her first acquired dog eighteen years ago; and she is bent on conserving the breed the way historical texts have defined the Swedish Vallhunds and maintaining the clade into the post-modern era utilizing the latest scientific knowledge and advancements branded with the new-found ethics. Her intentions are good-hearted and the breed will profit from sharing of information.

It will be most intriguing what sort of data-sets on the Swedish Vallhund will be published. It will be even more interesting to see how many people would be participating in the open discussions about the issues in the breed. However, while her audience would primarily be from Finland and Sweden, and the blog would be best written in Swedish for most impact, it still does not change the fact that English is the lingua franca of contemporary world. It is with much hope, the discussions will remain civil and open-minded. Here to good luck to “Only for One Allele” blog.

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