Although we don’t really celebrate Christmas, there are some things which can only be found around the festive holiday. Yesterday, Halla and I did the traditional Finnish main course, the joulukinkku. Don’t ask how it was cured. It is just a piece of ham anyone can buy from the frozen section of grocery stores.

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After leaving the ham overnight in the oven at about 75-80°C, we let the ham on the counter to cool for a few hours. After the ham has cooled, we removed the net, discarded the skin, removed the fats and liberally coated the remaining hulk of meat with mustard, then we sprinkled bread-crumbs on top. We nibbled on the trimmings for breakfast in the morning, then gave the rest of the gobble of fats to the dogs.

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A few hours later, we stuck the stripped ham back into the oven at 225°C until the mustard coating has browned. In the meantimes, Pavel eagerly waiting in front of the stove.

Camera 360 Camera 360

bon appetit!

Since it was only the two of us, we only had ham and salad for dinner. Of course, traditionalists would prepare a full-course meal with all the traditional dishes; which most would end up in the trash-can and then the landfills.

Happy holidays.

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