Several months ago, about there was a call for concern about the welfare of Shikoku Ken. The blog “Prick-Eared” once published a post “Struggling to Keep Head Above Water” scrutinizing the inbreeding problems in the breed, but has long since removed it from the archives cleansing its hands of the blood of dog politics.

However, good things came out the public awareness. An international pedigree database for the Shikoku Ken was created. The database was created to help decrease the Coefficient of Inbreeding and to allow kennel owners and dog-owners to be open with their health results. Although it will take time for the bulk of the gene-pool to be included in the database, hopefully, this will be a step forward toward to a healthier breed.

Shikoku-Pedigree Icon

Hopefully kennels, such as the EGMATO Kennel of Netherlands, will participate in the international movement of breeding for healthier dogs instead of waiting for a genetic test which fits their ideology. It is not the time to bicker about whose lines are flawless. The time to act is now.

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