Brad Anderson has been working on a community for Laika enthusiasts for awhile now. While most of the discussions on the Internet about the breeds are conducted in Russian, Anderson hopes to bring forth a safe venue for those who wish to express themselves in the lingua franca of the world. So, with the assistance of Vladimir Beregovoy, the Laika Forum was established welcoming anyone who is interested in hunting, hauling or herding spitzes.

Logo deciphering a wolf-like dog howling with the word "LAIKA" below.

Artwork by Chrys Cleary Illustration; originally commissioned for Laika Hunters Association of North America; adapted by Brad Anderson for Laika Forum.

It is with much hope the forum will flourish with a wide assortment of information available through contributions for everyone to access. If the topic of northern breeds perks anyone’s interest, encourage them to join.

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