The Wild North

A Metis trapper by the name of Andrew Stanley of Hay River, Northwest Territories established a YouTube channel dubbed TheWildNorth to illustrate his lifestyle in the Great White North.

One of the most remarkable things is that he has a Labrador Retriever named Charlie which is far more versatile than most dogs, even among his own breed. This is partly is because there is no pretense about formal training and dogs have much more freedom learning about his rich environment on his own in the far remote corners of the planets opposed to dogs which live in towns and cities. This is strongly noted in the behaviours of Charlie: retrieve beavers, tree grouses and chase black bears while seemingly lacking the fundamentals of a trial dog such as settling down behind a duck blind. However, if one is a trapper who lives off the land, then the dog’s skills are based on practicality and not rules or conceived ethics.

While watching these videos, I cannot help but gain a hunch he might be one of our family friends; or a friend of a friend. This might be in part because my grandparents once lived in Cambridge Bay (in present-day Nunavut) during the 1960s and 1970s; and my parents regularly work in the Northwest Territories, northern British Columbia, and boreal Alberta. Also, fur-trading is a major component in Canadian history which our national identity was founded upon. So, as a Canadian who grew up in the backwoods, these tales are fascinating.

He has many videos which are funny:

Some which are very informative:

And many with fabulous stories worth listening to:

The videos are worth watching.

While many, including sportsmen and hunters, may have a problem with the ethics, trappers are nevertheless a vital player in conservation and biology. Without them, much of the data and information we have on our wildlife would never be procured. Also, trappers are one of the allies which fight to keep forestry and oil corporations from decimating the local ecosystems. So, people who live this lifestyle deserve a lot more respect than what is given. It should be appreciated he took the time to publish these videos with captivating narratives.

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  1. My bro bookmarked this web page for me and I have been going through it for the past several hours. This is really going to assist me and my classmates for our class project. By the way, I like the way you write.

  2. I would like to get Andrew Stanley’s email so I may talk with on different trapping ideas. I broke my neck a few years back but still trap but has slowed me down some and live through Andrew.and his videos on days that I can’t get out because of the pain that I have to endure . Would like to correspond with him as he is an inspiration to me . If he would email me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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